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Improve your Eye sight through Raindrops

London: (August 30, 2014) Scientist has developed a new technology for weak eye sight named “Raindrops” which is alternative of goggles and lenses. Raindrop is actually a technology in which a drop is placed into your eye during operation which will improve your eye sight and you will get rid from the goggles and lenses.

raindrops for eyes

The whole process is pain free for patient and patient can focus on any written paper after the operation of raindrops in the eyes. Doctors prefer this technology over laser surgery and it takes less time to operate a patient than laser surgery and its drawback are also less.

The popularity of Raindrops is increasing day by day and people are very happy with this technology. The initial cost for this technology is set 250 pounds and scientists are hopeful that a massive number of people will get benefit from this technology all over the world.


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