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Intelligent Muslim student arrested in America during school time

Once again religious discrimination is seen in America where school going intelligent Muslim student was arrested on having clock with him

Texas (Thursday September 17, 2015):  This incidence took place in the American state Texas where a 14 year old Muslim Student brought a homemade clock in his school named “Macarthur High School”  so that he could check clock to his science teacher. Muslim Student who actually belongs to Sudan has much interest in electronics subject and it was his interest which distinguishes him from other students. Science teacher saw his homemade clock and buck up little boy and also advised that do not show this clock to others in the school.

Ahmad handcuffed in America

Insecond period Ahmad’s clock suddenly rang which threaten the teacher present in the class. A teacher searched his bag and found the homemade clock and perceives it a bomb and informed police. Police came and ask some questions from the boy in school room and after that handcuffed him in front of all and take him to police station.

ahmad handcuffed 2

After clearance police release the 14 year old intelligent boy “Ahmad” but school administration dismisses him for three days from the school on his activity. When this news came on social media people respond very positively and posted the Ahmad’s photos on internet with hand cuffs and police. Some responses of people on twitter are given below


When this news reached in white house then American President tweeted for Ahmad that I want to see your clock in white house and asked to visit. Obama said that such kind of activity should be appreciable and these things made America a great country.

Obama response on Ahmad arest


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