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Is Pritam will be selected for Captaincy in Bigg Boss 8?

In the thrusday episode of Bigg Boss 8 there was judgement day in which contestents was given a task to choose the cptain for the house of Bigg Boss 8.

Gautam was the captain and he was also asked to choose the captain for the onward episodes of Bigg Boss.every one asked that Pritam is best suitable for the captaincy of Bigg Boss but Gautam refused to make him captain of the Bigg Boss and said that his actions and behavior is not good with him from the last week.

Punnet on the other hand voted for Pritam as captain.Krishma also said to Gautam that Pritam is right choice for captaincy of Bigg Boss 8.Diandra added that real reason behind his rejection is sonali. Upen on the other hand told to the Gautam that he sees the same Gautam as he was from the start of the Bigg Boss 8.the sense of Kindness and sacrifice is still present in him. After listen this Gautam became relaxed.


Sonali attacked on Gautam by saying that “Iss ghar mein do tarah ke log hain, ek wo jo game khelne ke liye badal chuke hain aur dusre wo jo game mein rehkar bhi original hain.”to watch the whole story keep visiting our website.


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