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“Ishq Ramzan” by Maya Khan on TV One

The holy month is coming and almost all the news channels will have to broadcast live Ramzan transmission in this holy month “Ramzan Karim”. This Ramzan Special Transmissions of all channels are all about Love for Allah and mankind.

This Ramzan TVONE’s Special Transmission is all about Love for Allah and mankind. Hosted by the darling of millions Maya Khan.

Ishq Ramzan by Maya khan

From inspiring lectures and soul stirring Naats to providing opportunities for helping the needy, to highlighting the compassion of NGOs to motivating children to share with others – the entire transmission Is aimed at promoting love and sharing Allah’s blessings.

Plus delightful gifts and prizes for audience and guests.


Daily from 2:00 PM to 9:00 PM (All 30 days of Ramzan)

Online registration and passes distribution for “Ishq Ramzan” has been started. Full process of online registration and to get pass will be updated soon.


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