France has been targeted by ISIS again. This time, attackers slit a priest’s throat in a church. A priest has been killed in an attack on a church in France. Muslim and Catholic leaders are calling for unity.

Father Jacques Hamel reportedly had his throat slit. Two men, armed with knives, took over his church in Normandy. And ISIS says that it carried out the attacks.

“One can imagine that they are trying to pit us agaist each other, and in particular, against the Muslim community” said by Georges Pontier, Archbishop of Marseille.

Jacques Hamel

Our message as Christians is a message of brotherhood, a message of forgiveness, Christian’s Leader said. After this 85-years old priest was slain in rural France. “When should not allow ourselves to be carried away by hatred, by fear and by the desire for revenge. Because that’s surely what they are looking for, said by Georges Pontier.”

ISIS claimed for the attack

Two teens stormed the church during mass and used nuns as human shields. The imam of the local mosque said the slain priest was his friend. “This attack should give us courage, more strength to continue to work or soliderity, brotherhood and coexistance in our beautiful country, said by Muhammad Karabila (Regional Muslim Council President).”

An unnamed police official said that one of the attackers was on a watch list and wore an electronic tag. It is s trail of violenve and hate thats shocks and worries us very much. Priest normally retire at 75, but Father Jacques Hamel reained in serived

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