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Jiah’s Discovery: Arshad Khan, A Blue-Eyed Chaiwala Pakistani from Islamabad

The name of the blue-eyed chaiwala whose photo goes viral on last day is Arshad khan. He is working on a tea shop in Islamabad but the permanent resident of Mardan. He is of just 18 years old.

He was captured by Javeria Ali, Islamabad-based photographer, on Sunday at a tea stall in Islamabad’s Sunday Bazaar.

“I took the picture during a photowalk at [Islamabad’s] Itwar Bazaar and put it up as a regular post on Instagram and it didn’t go viral until four or five days later,” she toled a Pakistani news channel.

“I have been doing what I do for a very long time and it took a picture of one simple chai wala and someone to share it to their twitter to go global” – Javeria Ali


Javeria Ali has an official page on Facebook with the name of Jiah’s Photography. She has also shared about her recent meeting with Mr. Arshad Khan on her page that can be read below.

ChaiWala’ is the latest Top Trend in Pakistan on Twitter right now.

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Watch an exclusive interview of Mr.Arshad Khan with Sama News

Many other news channels have also met with him and he is being interviewed by him. He and Miss Javeria both are so happy on their fame and luck.

Photographs and Videos of Pakistani Arshad Khan ChaiWala from Islamabad


Let’s see which tea brand pick him first for their advertisement. It would be most trending Ad ever.


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