Kisan Board declared “Kisan Relief Package 2015” unsatisfactory

Multan: (Septamber 18, 2015) Prime Minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif has recently announced “Kisan Relief Package 2015” worth of 341 billion rupees but Kisan board declared it unsatisfactory

While expressing his thoughts on “Kisan Relief Package 2015” the president of Kisan board Sadiq Khan Khaqwani, Senior Vice president Sarfraz Ahmad Khan, General Secretary Malik Muhammad Ramzan, Vice President Arslan Khan Khaqwani said it is useless to provide subsidy in shape of 5000 rupees per acre to rice and cotton growers having up to 12.5 acres land. Apart from that 500 hundred rupees subsidy on fertilizer bag will also not fulfill their demands. They said that government should take back the sales tax implemented on the agricultural drugs and fertilizers hence ultimately the prices of these products will be lowered.

Kisan board

They also said that expensive LNG will make the prices of agricultural products high. They also demanded that for tube wells the price of electricity unit should be 8.85 rupees and government should also introduce interest free loan scheme for farmers.

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  1. yeh koi pakge h koi update ni h.local ptwri kh rhy h usko bolty h kisan pakge .
    yeh to frad koi list ni h net pr . kea us ko bolty h ap k realf pakge ???????????????
    plz cnfrm the nov list upadate……….????????????


  2. yes this is totally fraud
    i am a farmer and i tried many time to get this pakage
    all the time our patwari entered my name in the list and said ok now i enter your name
    soon we will give your money to you and we already submitted your application.
    all the time we call on this fake patwari pakage help line 08000-9897 and give them details
    they said we don’t have your name in our system
    in our area (ahmed pur sial)district jhang we see many people who have some relations with patwaries or the political person they get their money but people like us ?????????????
    i am Frustrated as expected when i listen about this pakage.
    so plz sir change this pakage name from kisan pakage to
    patwari relief pakage
    for your confirmation
    my id card number is number is 03336236382.
    i am not only one but here many farmers who did not get anything from your patwari relief pakage


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