Laptop Distribution in Hazara University Mansehra will be today on 1st November, 2014.

Haier laptops are going to be distributed in Hazara University Mansehra today on 1st November 2014. The students of HU Mansehra have been informed accordingly. Laptops have already arrived in HU, Mansehra.

Currently, the students studying in MS, MBA, M.Phil, Ph.D. programs in all departments of Hazara University Mansehra are informed to collect the laptops from their university.

Laptops have been arrived in University last week, source said. Free laptops will be distributed among eligible students. All those students who have validated their data on HEC site will be considered as eligible and vice versa.

In 1st phase, that has been started since a week, the students of MS, MBA, M.Phil and Ph.D are getting their reward in the form of Free Laptops by Prime Minister Pakistan.

The list of eligible students and the students who have validated their data can be viewed online at HEC website. Only those students of Hazara University Mansehra are eligible for the provision of laptops who have validated data and have received email and SMS.

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