Laptop Distribution in PIDE Islamabad today on 30th October 2014

The Laptop Distribution ceremony at PIDE Islamabad is going to be held today on 30th October 2014. List of eligible Students that will be awarded by Free Laptops has been issued by HEC. Today 322 laptops will be distributed among talented students of the PIDE. This figure has been announced by Higher Education Commission, Pakistan.

Pakistan Institute of Development Economics (PIDE) is the supreme institute in Pakistan that is located in Quaid e Azam Univeristy, Islamabad. Major focusing field of study under an umbrella of this institute is Economics. PIDE has major contribution in research on Developmental Economics. Graduate of PIDE has worth alot.

The laptops for the students of PIDE will be much beneficial as the students of economics use several software to analyze data.

The list of eligible students and the students who have validated their data can be viewed online at HEC website. Only those students of PIDE are eligible for the provision of laptops who have validated data and have received email and SMS.

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  1. karakuram international univerisity gilgit ma kub laptops issue ho raha ha


  2. dear sir kindly accept my request for give me the lap top because i hve nevr recive any lap top from any schem yet. so kindly give the lap top that i will continue my study with full concentrate…


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