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Legal Notices sent to Amir Khan’s controversial interview publishers

Legal Notices has been sent to some Pakistani websites on¬†publishing Amir Khan’s controversial interview related to his movie PK.

Aamir Khan Interview PK movie

Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan has sent legal notice to some Pakistani bloggers on publishing his fake interview related to newly released movie named PK. Some websites have published an interview by the name of Aamir Khan, Bollywood Superstar, but he denied from that interview and said that there is no reality in the posted interview and news. He is denying and sent legal notices to all those Pakistani bloggers who have published a controversial interview on their Web sites.

Amir Khan PK Movie Scandal

Aamir Khan’s lawyer said that Aamir khan get shocked when he watch that interview and his heart filled with grief and sorrow.

Aamir Khan said that he did not give any such kind of interview to any media channel or to any person. It is totally fabricated and full of lie. Interview questions and their answers are deliberately controversial and fake. Full interview is fabricated.


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