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List of Certified Oil Brands – Punjab Food Authority

The Punjab Food Authority has issued the list of certified oil brands, unfit samples and those which need improvement. The list has been issued to the public for taking necessary action.

Following oil brands were tested and found complying with all the standards of PFA.

Sufi Sunflower Oil
Planta Cooking Oil
Eva Cooking Oil
Habib Cooking Oil
Wali Cooking Oil
Khalis Cooking Oil
Sunrise Cooking Oil
Zaiqa Cooking Oil
Latif Cooking Oil
Mujahid Cooking Oil
Mamta Cooking Oil
Hafeez Cooking Oil
Badar Double Refined Cooking Oil
Gaey Cooking Oil
Commander Cooking Oil
Care Cooking Oil

The following oils / ghee were found dangerous for use:

Commander Banaspati
Sultan Banaspati
Salwa Banaspati
Shah Taj Banaspati
Gaey Banaspati
EvaSunflower Oil
Kisan Sunflower Oil
Season Banaspati
Sehar Banaspati
Sehar Cooking Oil
Zaiqa Banaspati
Ambar Banaspati
Pureal Premier Banaspati
Sawera Banaspati
Yadgar Banaspati
Darja Awwal Banaspati
Shehbaz Banaspati
Care Banaspati
Mujahid Banaspati
Darja Awwal Cooking Oil
Asia Banaspati
Latif Banaspati
Kausar Banaspati
Hafeez Banaspati
Taaza Banaspati
Dua Banaspati

Following oils / ghee were found consumable for heath yet these need improvement in them:

ShahCooking Oil
Islamabad Cooking Oil
Marwa Cooking Oil
Evan Cooking Oil
Asia Pure Cooking Oil
Islamabad Banaspati
Handi Cooking Oil
Shah Taj Premium Cooking Oil
Ashiana Banaspati
Mamta Banaspati
Data Banaspati
Prime Banaspati
Handi Banaspati
Ghausia Banaspati
Mehar Banaspati
Soya Supreme Banaspati
Inaam Banaspati
Rani Gold Banaspati
Taaza Gold Banaspati
Rehmat Banaspati
Saawad Banaspati
Malta Banaspati
Khyber Banaspati
Askari Banaspati

The samples were tested by ISO certified PCSIR lab. Those samples which require improvement have been given 1 month for the necessary up gradation.

Punjab Food Authority will take samples from oil companies twice a year and once surprised checking of samples will be taken and sent to lab for analysis.


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