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List of Pass Oil Samples by Punjab Food Authority 2019

Punjab Food Authority (PFA) conducted a detailed analysis of 267 samples of oils / fats and only 118 of them could pass the tests while 46 samples failed on safety parameters, 15 samples did not qualify the quality parameters. However, 88 samples are in the analysis phase whose results are yet to be declared.

The samples were taken by PFA recently and the tests results / list mentioned below is updated on 3rd January 2019.

The oil samples which are “fit for human consumption” are those who fulfilled the safety and all quality parameters. The list of all the pass 118 samples are as under:

Sr. #Sample CodeBrand NameStatus
180-SD-18Gold Sadiq Cooking OilPass
229-KF-18Lives Canola OilPass
351-IK-18Salva Canola OilPass
407-MNA-07Salwa Sunflower Cooking OilPass
531-MG-18Seasons Canola OilPass
633-MG-18Seasons Cooking OilPass
771-FB-18Shams BanaspatiPass
872-FB-18Shams Refined Cooking Oil (Canola)Pass
9104-SAR-18Aaghaz Premium OlienPass
1067-MFK-18Adil BanaspatiPass
1162-MFK-18Al-Hamza BanaspatiPass
1225-MA-18Anis BanaspatiPass
1394-AJ-18Areej Premium Cooking OilPass
1408-FW-18Atif Premium BanaspatiPass
1515-AG-18Atif Premium BanaspatiPass
1627-AS-18Badar Banaspati (Double Refined)Pass
1749-AS-18Bakhtawar BanaspatiPass
1848-AS-18Bakhtawar Cooking OilPass
1902-AI-18Best BanaspatiPass
2001-AI-18Best Cooking OilPass
2116-WN-18Canolive Cooking OilPass
2205-MH-18Care BanaspatiPass
2321-AS-18Chand Cooking OilPass
2449-NZ-18Chandi Sona BanaspatiPass
2527-JH-18Commander BanaspatiPass
2628-JH-18Commander Cooking OilPass
2762-FB-18Data BanaspatiPass
2863-FB-18Data Cooking OilPass
2938-IA-18Data Walay Ibrahim BanaspatiPass
3039-IA-18Data Walay Ibrahim Canola OilPass
3115-UMC-18Deewan BanaspatiPass
3225-SR-18Des BanaspatiPass
33102-MS-18Eva 100% Natural Canola OilPass
34101-MS-18Eva 100% Natural Sunflower OilPass
3517-WN-18Eva BanaspatiPass
3699-MS-18Eva Cooking OilPass
37100-MS-18Eva Premium VTF BanaspatiPass
3826-SR-18Fawad BanaspatiPass
3967-FB-18Gae Multipurpose Cooking OilPass
4019-MA-18Gai BanaspatiPass
41RYK-29-KF-18Gharana BanaspatiPass
4230-KF-18Gharana Cooking OilPass
4370-UA-18Golden Cooking OilPass
4496-AJ-18Golden Sun Canola OilPass
4569-UA-18Golden Vegetable GheePass
4636-AS-18Hafeez BanaspatiPass
4735-AS-18Hafeez Cooking OilPass
48105-SAR-18Hayat Cooking OilPass
4922-RJ-18Hoor BanaspatiPass
5037-AR-18Hoor BanaspatiPass
5136-AR-18Hoor Cooking OilPass
5270-FB-18Inam BanaspatiPass
5330-RJ-18Iqbal BanaspatiPass
5436-IA-18Iqbal Pakwan Cooking OilPass
5556-AN-18Jashan BanaspatiPass
5665-FB-18Kainat Cooking OilPass
5766-FB-18Kainat Vegetable GheePass
5863-FG-18Kashmir BanaspatiPass
5964-FG-18Kashmir Cooking OilPass
6051-NZ-18Kausar BanaspatiPass
6121-MA-18Khushbu BanaspatiPass
6226-MA-18Khushi BanaspatiPass
6343-TB-18Khyber Gold BanaspatiPass
6464-FB-18Kisan Canola Cooking OilPass
6507-AS-18Kisan Pure Vegetable GheePass
6628-RR-18Kissan Pure Vegetable GheePass
67104-MS-18Maan BanaspatiPass
68103-MS-18Maan Cooking OilPass
69109-MS-18Malta 100% Vegetable BanaspatiPass
70111-MS-18Malta 100% Vegetable Cooking OilPass
7120-AS-18Mamta Cooking OilPass
7207-AI-18Mehboob Cooking OilPass
7314-AG-18Mezban BanaspatiPass
7420-AH-18Mujahid BanaspatiPass
7549-IK-18Nemat BanaspatiPass
7648-IK-18Nemat Cooking OilPass
77104-AJ-18Noor 4 Life Premium Cooking OilPass
7805-AI-18OK BanaspatiPass
7906-AI-18OK Cooking OilPass
8022-SR-18Pakwan BanaspatiPass
8123-SR-18Pakwan Cooking OilPass
8234-MG-18Punjab Cooking OilPass
8305-NN-18Punjab No. 1 BanaspatiPass
8481-SD-18Sadiq BanaspatiPass
8564-FM-18Salam BanaspatiPass
8654-IK-18Salva Cooking OilPass
8734-IA-18Salwa BanaspatiPass
8871-UA-18Samar Double Refined Cooking OilPass
8906-NN-18Seasons BanaspatiPass
9032-MG-18Seasons Corn OilPass
9103-AI-18Sehar BanaspatiPass
9204-AI-18Sehar Cooking OilPass
9345-NZ-18Shah Taj BanaspatiPass
9428-KF-18Shahbaz BanaspatiPass
9527-KF-18Shahbaz Cooking OilPass
9646-AA-18Shama BanaspatiPass
9733-MAS-18Shama Cooking OilPass
9827-KF-18Shamim Cooking OilPass
9932-MAS-18Shamma BanaspatiPass
100105-MS-18Shan BanaspatiPass
101106-MS-18Shan Cooking OilPass
102105-AJ-18Shandar BanaspatiPass
10382-SD-18Sitara BanaspatiPass
10442-TB-18Sooraj BanaspatiPass
10565-FG-18Special Madni BanaspatiPass
10635-IA-18Sultan BanaspatiPass
10772-UA-18Summer Double Refined BanaspatiPass
10837-MG-18Sundrop Cooking OilPass
10918-FY-18Super Latif BanaspatiPass
11019-FY-18Super Latif Cooking OilPass
11131-MR-18Swera BanaspatiPass
11251-AS-18Tahafuz BanaspatiPass
11310-NN-18Taqwa Cooking OilPass
11416-SH-18Taza OilPass
11520-UMC-18Tazaa Gold BanaspatiPass
116108-MS-18UHT Treated Soya Sauce Cooking OilPass
11735-MG-18Wali Cooking OilPass
11815-RN-18Zaiqa BanaspatiPass

The following oil / fat samples did not qualify on the basis of safety parameters are as under:

Sr. #Sample CodeBrand NameStatus
11950-MI-18Abid Koh-e-Noor BanaspatiFail on safety parameters
12043-KA-18Ambar BanaspatiFail on safety parameters
12120-FY-18Apna BanaspatiFail on safety parameters
12221-FY-18Apna Canola OilFail on safety parameters
12393-AJ-18Areej Premium BanaspatiFail on safety parameters
12429-RJ-18Atif BanaspatiFail on safety parameters
12512-MA-18Attiya BanaspatiFail on safety parameters
12628-AS-18Badar Cooking OilFail on safety parameters
12738-AR-18Behtreen BanaspatiFail on safety parameters
12824-SR-18Crispo Vegetable OilFail on safety parameters
12936-MG-18Dawat Cooking OilFail on safety parameters
13063-MFK-18Enam Cooking OilFail on safety parameters
13146-NZ-18Faizi BanaspatiFail on safety parameters
13269-FB-18Gai Canola Cooking OilFail on safety parameters
13320-MA-18Gai Cooking OilFail on safety parameters
13468-FB-18Gai Sunflower Cooking OilFail on safety parameters
13521-MAS-18Ghousia BanaspatiFail on safety parameters
13622-MAS-18Ghousia Canola OilFail on safety parameters
13732-IA-18Gold Rehmat BanaspatiFail on safety parameters
13828-RJ-18Hoor Canola OilFail on safety parameters
13923-RJ-18Hoor Cooking OilFail on safety parameters
14032-RJ-18Hoor Sunflower OilFail on safety parameters
14136-MS-18Ittehad Cooking OilFail on safety parameters
142106-AJ-18Kamiyab Cooking OilFail on safety parameters
14314-RGS-18Kamran BanaspatiFail on safety parameters
14417-RGS-18Karwan BanaspatiFail on safety parameters
14533-MR-18Kausar Canola OilFail on safety parameters
14632-MR-18Kausar Cooking OilFail on safety parameters
14716-RGS-18Khajoor Cooking OilFail on safety parameters
14864-MFK-18Kisan Cooking Oil (Sunflower)Fail on safety parameters
14928-KF-18Lives Cooking OilFail on safety parameters
15018-AS-18Mamta BanaspatiFail on safety parameters
15123-MA-18Mujahid Cooking OilFail on safety parameters
15250-IK-18Naimat Canola OilFail on safety parameters
15317-RN-18Naturelle Cooking OilFail on safety parameters
15415-RGS-18Nice BanaspatiFail on safety parameters
15510-MA-18Nirala BanaspatiFail on safety parameters
15604-NN-18Olio Premium Canola OilFail on safety parameters
15708-NN-18Olio Premium Sunflower OilFail on safety parameters
15810-AA-18Qarni BanaspatiFail on safety parameters
15925-RR-18Rahat Banaspati GheeFail on safety parameters
16007-NN-18Seasons Frying OilFail on safety parameters
16183-SD-18Sitara Cooking OilFail on safety parameters
162107-MS-18Soya Supreme BanaspatiFail on safety parameters
16323-MAS-18Sultan Sunflower OilFail on safety parameters
16423-AH-18Zareen BanaspatiFail on safety parameters

The following oil / fat samples did not qualify on the basis of quality parameters are as under:

Sr. #Sample CodeBrand NameStatus
16519-AS-18Chand BanaspatiFail on quality Parameters
16616-RN-18Ella Cooking OilFail on quality Parameters
167102-SAR-18Evolin Vegetable BanaspatiFail on quality Parameters
168103-SAR-18Evolin Vegetable Cooking OilFail on quality Parameters
16918-RGS-18Fauji Cooking OilFail on quality Parameters
17095-AJ-18Golden Sun BanaspatiFail on quality Parameters
17192-AJ-18Golden Sun Cooking OilFail on quality Parameters
17237-MS-18Ittehad BanaspatiFail on quality Parameters
17325-MSY-18Khajur BanaspatiFail on quality Parameters
17430-KF-18Lives BanaspatiFail on quality Parameters
17566-FG-18Madni Cooking OilFail on quality Parameters
17631-KF-18Shamim BanaspatiFail on quality Parameters
17734-AS-18Sultan Canola OilFail on quality Parameters
17826-RJ-18Sultan Cooking OilFail on quality Parameters
17915-WN-18Zaiqa Cooking OilFail on quality Parameters

The following oil /fats samples are under testing. Their results will soon be shared with the public.

Sr. #Sample CodeBrand NameStatus
180LHR-MS-110-18Smart Cooking OilAnalysis in Process
181LHR-AJ-91-18Areej Canola OilAnalysis in Process
182LHR-AJ-98-18Dalda Cooking OilAnalysis in Process
183LHR-AJ-97-18Dalda Banaspati VTFAnalysis in Process
184LHR-AJ-97-18Dalda BanaspatiAnalysis in Process
185LHR-AJ-100-18Dalda Planta OilAnalysis in Process
186LHR-AJ-101-18Manpasand Cooking OilAnalysis in Process
187LHR-AJ-103-18Tullo BanaspatiAnalysis in Process
188LHR-AJ-102-18Tullo Cooking OilAnalysis in Process
189LHR-NN-09-18Khalis Cooking OilAnalysis in Process
190KSR-AN-55-18Jashan Cooking OilAnalysis in Process
191SKP-UA-73-18Sunflower Cooking OilAnalysis in Process
192SKP-UA-74-18Canola Cooking OilAnalysis in Process
193SKP-UA-75-18Soya Bin Cooking OilAnalysis in Process
194SKP-UA-77-18Sufi BanaspatiAnalysis in Process
195FSD-AI-10-18Darja Awal BanaspatiAnalysis in Process
196FSD-FG-64-18Kashmir Cooking OilAnalysis in Process
197FSD-TB-41-18Fresh Cooking OilAnalysis in Process
198OKR-IK-52-18Salva Banaspati oilAnalysis in Process
199SHW-MSY-21-18Mayar Bnaspati GheeAnalysis in Process
200SHW-MSY-26-18Meezan Cooking OilAnalysis in Process
201ATK-MI-42-18Salaam Pure GheeAnalysis in Process
202ATK-MA-11-18Bachat BanaspatiAnalysis in Process
203ATK-MI-43-18Mezaan Sunflower OilAnalysis in Process
204ATK-MI-44-18Mayar BanaspatiAnalysis in Process
205ATK-MI-51-18Barkat BanaspatiAnalysis in Process
206ATK-MA-13-18Nayab BanaspatiAnalysis in Process
207ATK-MA-22-18Ghani Cooking OilAnalysis in Process
208ATK-MA-24-18Mehboob Cooking OilAnalysis in Process
209ATK-MA-25-18Best Cooking OilAnalysis in Process
210CHK-MA-023-18Nayab Cooking OilAnalysis in Process
211CHK-MA-024-18Safa Cooking OilAnalysis in Process
212GRW-MR-28-18Prime GheeAnalysis in Process
213GRW-MR-29-18Prime Cooking OilAnalysis in Process
214GRW-MR-30-18Swera Cooking OilAnalysis in Process
215GRW-MR-35-18Sunrise Cooking OilAnalysis in Process
216GRW-FM-65-18Alpha Cooking OilAnalysis in Process
217GRW-FM-66-18Miyar Banasapati GheeAnalysis in Process
218GRW-FM-67-18Abid Kohnoor BanaspatiAnalysis in Process
219GJT-61-MFK-18Ghani Banaspati GheeAnalysis in Process
220FSD-FG-63-18Kashmir BanaspatiAnalysis in Process
221HFD-US-25-18Kasmir Premium cooking oilAnalysis in Process
222SKT-UMC-14-18Foody  Banaspati gheeAnalysis in Process
223SKT-WS-18-18Meezan banaspati gheeAnalysis in Process
224SKT- UMC-17-18Habib VTF BanaspatiAnalysis in Process
225SKT-UMC-21-18Ghani Canola cooking oilAnalysis in Process
226NWL-MN-02-18Kiran Banaspati GheeAnalysis in Process
227NWL-MN-03-18Kiran Sunflower OilAnalysis in Process
228NWL-AA-09-18Dil Dil Bnaspati GheeAnalysis in Process
229NWL-MN-07-18Sufi Banaspati GheeAnalysis in Process
230NWL-MN-08-18Kiran Canola OilAnalysis in Process
231MWI-AZ-11-18Lajawab Cooking OilAnalysis in Process
232BKR-RR-26-18Dais Banaspati GheeAnalysis in Process
233KHB-AN-20-18Maqbool BanaspatiAnalysis in Process
234KHB-AN-23-18Kamran BanaspatiAnalysis in Process
235SGD-AA-45-18Barkat Banaspati gheeAnalysis in Process
236SGD-AA-47-18Sitara Cooking Oil.Analysis in Process
237SGD-AA-54-18Dil Dil banaspati gheeAnalysis in Process
238SGD-AA-55-18Dil Dil banaspati oilAnalysis in Process
239SGD-AA-57-18Khas Pure Vegetable GheeAnalysis in Process
240BWG-NZ-43-18Humsafar BanaspatiAnalysis in Process
241BWG-NZ-44-18Harpal BanaspatiAnalysis in Process
242BWG-NZ-47-18New Umda BanaspatI GheeAnalysis in Process
243BWG-NZ-48-18New Umda Cooking OilAnalysis in Process
244BWG-NZ-50-18Khajor Banaspati GheeAnalysis in Process
245LDH-MT-01-18Maha BanaspatiAnalysis in Process
246LDH-MT-02-18Multan BanaspatiAnalysis in Process
247LDH-MT-03-18Rohi BanaspatiAnalysis in Process
248LDH-MT-04-18Rohi Canola Cooking OilAnalysis in Process
249LDH-MT-05-18Multan Canola Cooking OilAnalysis in Process
250BWP-MS-35-18Modern BanaspatiAnalysis in Process
251BWP-KF-25-18Asia Cooking OilAnalysis in Process
252BWP-KF-26-18Asia Banaspati GheeAnalysis in Process
253DGK-KA-42-18Molvi BanaspatiAnalysis in Process
254LYH-41-NA-18Yadgar BanaspatiAnalysis in Process
255MZG-UH-23-18Blue Star Banaspati GheeAnalysis in Process
256MZG-MSH-14-18Habib Cooking OilAnalysis in Process
257MZG-MSH-15-18Handi Banaspati GheeAnalysis in Process
258MLT-AS-22-18Marwa Cooking OilAnalysis in Process
259MLT-AS-29-18Qadir Cooking OilAnalysis in Process
260MLT-AS-30-18Qadir BanaspatiAnalysis in Process
261MLT-MI-26-18Eva Canola OilAnalysis in Process
262KWL-AA-06-18Khaiber pas banaspati gheeAnalysis in Process
263BWP-KF-26-18Asia BanaspatiAnalysis in Process
264VHR-RJ-25-18Asia Pure Cooking OilAnalysis in Process
265VHR-MNA-09-18Sufi Special BanaspatiAnalysis in Process
266VHR-IA-33-18Handi Cooking OilAnalysis in Process
267VHR-RJ-34-18Ghanni BanaspatiAnalysis in Process

The public is advised to go through the list of oils / fats fit for human consumption i.e. those oils which have pass the tests on quality and safety parameters set by the Punjab Food Authority.


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