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Live Faizabad Protest “Labbaik Ya Rasool Allah” from Islamabad

The Federal Govt. tried to disperse the protesters belonging to a religious group “Tehreek e Labbaik ya Rasool Allah” seems unsuccessful till now. The protesters are still present at Faizabad Chowk.

At-least three persons have been dead while hundreds of persons have been injured while Police and local administration of Islamabad was clearing the Faizabad Chowk.

Major roads of Lahore and adjoining areas of Data Darbar, Thokar Niaz Baig aand motorway interchanges are blocked.

As per Daewoo, no bus has departed from their Thokar terminal in the since morning of 25th November, 2017. Other transporters, Bilal Travels and Skywars are also not indifferent.

Trains are enroutes with a slight change in departure and arrival time.


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