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Man tortured for ‘stealing’ car battery in Gujranwala

Gujranwala: A teenage being beaten by two persons that can be seen from the video given below, just because of a misplaced car battery.

It is reported that the guy, that is being torched by some gentlemen, has stolen a car battery.

The video attached below has gone viral on social media in very short time after its uploading. It is a kind of self investigation without any involvement of Police. Besides this video, we can watch many videos in which people torture any suspect and take revenge. Here the questions are, why the people do not like to call the police? Why they do not trust on the investigation of our police? Why they beat any thief? These are the simple question that can be raised in any mind.

We have to think and answer these question. We should check the system and should diagnose the problem.

People should trust the Police and every such type of case should be handled by Police. Our police is very trustworthy and working hard. They are sacrificing their lives for our protection and law enforcement in Pakistan. So, we should love our police men and trust them.

In any such type of case or in any emergency we should call our police for proper dealing of any case. Thank You.


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