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Massive Reshuffling in Saudi Arabia’s Cabinet

Saudi Arabia’s Prince Salman bin Abdul Aziz’s new takeover after a week of massive reshuffling of the cabinet chief of the Intelligence and National Security Council Secretary-General has changed.

Big Reshuffle in Saudi Arabia; All New King's New Men

King Abdullah’s half-brother and former commanders of the two sons were relieved of their positions in the Turkish capital of Riyadh Governor Prince msaal Mecca and Shahzad was the son of the king, Prince mtab as minister in charge of the National guard will remain in office.

According to Royal Decree, nephew of the late King Abdullah, Prince Bandar bin Sultan, secretary general of the National Security Council and was removed from his position as adviser to the king, but the defense, oil and foreign ministries as important stakeholders are able to maintain its place are. King Khan’s 31-member cabinet of Culture and Information, Social Affairs, Civil Service, Information Technology has emerged as the new face of ministries Oil Minister Ali al-Naimi of the country, Foreign Minister Saud al-Faisal Shahzad and Finance Minister Ibrahim alasaf their positions have been retained.

The King Salman bin Abdul Aziz became king after a few hours of his son Mohammad Salman, who was appointed the country’s new Prime Minister of the 69-year-old Prince Muqarrin Crown Prince Mohammad bin Nayef, the deputy interior minister to the Crown was announced.


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