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Michal Jackson’s sister embraced Islam

Los Angles: (September 21, 2015) Famous Hollywood singer Jennet Jackson (sister of Michal Jackson) officially embraced Islam few days ago.

Jennet Jackson is top most lady singer of the Hollywood industry who got married with a Muslim millionaire “Wasam Alamna” in 2012. Her husband impressed very much being a Muslim and she started to learn Islam. Forty Nine year old lady found herself very safe and calm during learning about Islam which totally changed her life style. She started to wear full dress instead of vulgar dressing and feeling protective.

Jennet Jackson said that she informed her family members about embracing Islam and they respond very positively. Now Jennet Jackson spend lot of time in reading Islamic books and she also left famous music concert “I heart radio music festival”.

British newspaper “The Sun” quoted very near relatives of Jennet Jackson and said that she is feeling safe and very calm after embracing Islam. She also cut off from vulgar dressing and sexual music concerts.

micle jackson's sister

News paper “The Sun” also said that Jennet Jackson used “Insha Allah” when some questioned about cut off from music world tour show “Unbreakable”. While on the other hand according to the Los Vegas review general due to some problem in ear Jennet Jackson cannot go into the music concerts.


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