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Mobile services will be terminated on 9th, 10th Moharram

Islamabad: (November 2, 2014) Moharram is the first Islamic month in which Islamic countries experience serious security threats due to the difference of believes between the two groups. Government of Pakistan like previous years took all the steps to maintain the security in the country and hats why Federal Interior Minister has ordered to stop the mobile services on 9th, 10th moharram in order to assure the security in all big cities and routes of public gathering.

Anglena juli

PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) has send list of big cities to the mobile network companies where their services will be remained close on 9th, 10th moharram. In the list prominent cities of all four provinces are mentioned separately. Pillions are also banned for these days and security of provincial capitals and Islamabad has been tightening in this regard.Walk through gates will be posted in the public gathering areas.


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