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Moustache competition held in India

In India Moustache competition was organized in the Annual festival of Rajasthan famous with name “Pushkar ka Mela”

This festival is organized every year by the Rajasthan State which attracts thousands of visitors all around the world. In this year about 30,000 visitors and more than 20,000 camels and horses joined the festival.

maustachee 3

The Pushkar festival is famous due to number of tough competitions which are organized during the specific days of November when moon is on its full bloom. A football math is organized between the visitors and local people which is source of full enjoyment for tourists.

mautachee 1

Apart from this Moustache competition is also organized in which people from the All the India participated having longest Moustache. You can see the Moustache of the participants in the pictures that they have meters long Moustache.


Participants curled their Moustache first when they participated in the competition. After that they open the curl of their Moustache and amazed the visitors. Camel races are also arranged during the festival in which local as well as foreign teams are participated.


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