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Narendra Modi Girls Campaign Started

Prime Minister Narendra Modi started girls campaign in the country to provide a uniform system of ‘preventive daughter, daughter finish leading’ campaign has started.

Narendra Modi Girls Campaign Started

India’s Hindu society there is very little we suffer specific loyalties birth of girls is also considered a burden, but sometimes they are buried alive after birth in the womb of the mother to have her abortion Address India, which is also admitted before the birth of the child to know the sex of the crime.

Prarsh tighten girls who lives in India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi finally been released aurmusuf conscious girls equal rights and equal to ‘rescue daughter, daughter finish leading’ campaign which aims to education in the country eliminate sex discrimination is to provide the people of awareness. Indian Prime Minister launched the campaign in which he said that Haryana girls hacked to death in the womb, which is when we do not feel pain the same armor that is not an option, too, he would bury her alive.

The average in India, compared to only 917 girls per 1,000 boys ratio and know the baby in the womb after an abortion rate of increase in the critical population of boys and girls in India the ratio has been uneven. The experts say that if this situation continues, concludes the results will come very dangerous.


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