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National Assembly NA-130 Lahore Candidates Results Election 2013 Result Updates

Election 2013. You are watching and looking for Results of NA-130 Lahore. Every contestant is hoping for its success. Pakistan is on the edge of a big change. No doubt Pakistan needs a change. We Pakistani Public and our politicians are on the way to change this corrupt system of Pakistan. A journey of Change which has started a couple of months ago will end on 11th of this month. Our political parties are very excited in now-a-day to change Pakistan and form a new Pakistan which will totally free from corruption, electricity load shedding, unemployment etc. Pakistan is passing from very critical situation.

Election 2013 Results NA-130

Our green and beautiful land is under many crises. We pray for better Pakistan and May ALLAH give us again a beautiful and such a homeland which free from all sins. May Allah Almighty make our country healthy, wealthy and strong, Ameen!. I will never lose hope. I have faith in ALLAh and Jinnah’s Pakistan.


PTI Candidate number of Votes:

PLM-N Candidate number of Votes:

PML-Q Candidate number of Votes:

PPP Candidate number of Votes:

JUI Candidate number of Votes:

MQM Candidate number of Votes:

ANP Candidate number of Votes:

TTP Candidate number of Votes:

Others Parties Candidate number of Votes:


Result of all candidates of NA-130 Lahore will update as soon as possible. Keep visiting this page for result of NA-130 Lahore.


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