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National Model OIC Conference to be held in Karachi

A 3-day long OIC model based conference is scheduled to happen in Karachi (Pakistan) this year. The National M-OIC will be a national level Model-OIC where young people from all over the country as well as from abroad will gather to discuss the issues faced by the Muslim countries.

The M-OIC is working under the umbrella of Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC). The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), founded in 1969, was given the task to lead the Muslim world and to ensure protection of rights and interests. An affiliate of the OIC was formed in 2004 which was named “The Islamic Conference Youth Forum for Dialogue and Cooperation (ICYF-DC) to coordinate the activities of youth.

The whole world is focusing much on youth as there are a number of countries where population of youth has surpassed all other age groups. Pakistan is also among the countries where young people are in majority. Here, 29% of the Pakistani population falls in the age bracket of 15 – 29 years. Thus, it became necessary to form clubs of young people who can get awareness and purpose of the OIC. These clubs were called Model OIC. These clubs act as a place for discussions, exchanging dialogues, and get themselves trained to lead the Muslim word in future.

In Pakistan, currently 4 MOIC’s are working which are Karachi University M-OIC, Sind Muslim Law College M-OIC, COMSATS M-OIC and NUST M-OIC. These four M-OIC clubs are active from 2017. This time, a national level M-OIC is going to happen in Karachi. The 3-day conference will be attended by delegates from all parts of the country which will allow exchanging ideas, promoting awareness among the youth and a healthy debate keeping in view the working style of OIC.

The conference will be held at Karachi which is internationally supported by ICYF-DC Istanbul and OIC. International delegates from member countries of OIC will also participate in the conference.

The registration process and dates of the National M-OIC will be announced soon. More updates can be obtained from the official page of National M-OIC Pakistan.


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