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New method introduced in China to enhance work capability

In China a company has allowed his worker to wear masks during office timing so that they can work efficiently under relax condition.

new methods introduced in china to enhace work capability

According to foreign media in china city “Hangars” a company which run movie theme park in the city has introduced new way of doing work in office by wearing different shapes and colorful masks which may provide workers a confidential and peaceful environment of working. Company admin said that workers can wear different colors of masks during meeting. Masks could be the birds shapes, alien shape or other type which could relax the worker.


Company manager said that “the decision of mask wearing was done on “The Stress Day”, when workers came in the office by wearing different kinds of masks. He said that by this method worker will feel relax and work efficiently, especially when some worker has to give presentation in front of boss and his/her facial expression could not be exposed to boss. In this way he/she will present presentation more confidently”.


The mask will help juniors especially because in the beginning of someone carrier there is natural hesitation to speak in front of his/her boss. Company manager further said that when worker came in office by wearing mask, on that day the environment of the office was entirely different and we seen amazing progress in work. While on the other hand workers gave mixed response on this step. Some said its good but some gave suggestion that company has to free one day instead of this activity for relaxation of worker.



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