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Nigaar will be no more in Bigg Boss 8

Nigaar broken her feet when she was walking on the carpet in living area during Monday episode of Bigg Boss 8

Bigg Boss 8 is being hosted by the famous bollywood personality Salman Khan in which people is being entertained with different dramas, comedy sessions and hot gossips. Nigaar who is also performing in the program will not be seen in the next episodes of Bigg Boss due to feet injury.

Parneet Bhatt just after Nigaar injury offered for feet massage to Nigaar. during this time Patel came and asked to Nigaar that she woulb be relaxed if she saw Salman Khan.Nigaar questioned to her colleagues that why he said this. Upon that earlier Sonali was injured with same accident and now you are repeating the same situation.


Upon that Nigaar get angry and said that “Respect paane ke liye respect karni padti hai”. Patel show no interest in her answer and walked seems that Nigaar will not participate in the next Bigg Boss 8 episode due to injury.


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