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NO extension in winter vacations 2014-15

Lahore: Dismissing the rumors about another extension in the winter vacations of the educational institutes, the authorities said on Tuesday that the schools and Colleges would reopen as per scheduled on January 12 in tight security.


There were reports that the winter vacations might be extended for another 20 days till January 31 that created unrest among the school managements, particularly the private institutions, parents and the students.

When reached by telephone, Minister for Elementary Education Mohammad Atif Khan said that all the educational institutions would reopen on January 12. “No extension in the winter vacation is being considered. However, the schools where the threat level is high would not be allowed to reopen unless they get no-objection certification from the authorities,” he said.

The government has issued security guidelines to the educational institutions. The private institutions have reservations over some of guidelines, saying it was difficult for them to follow them.

“The management of each institution would have to hold meeting with the local administration. If administration is not satisfied with their security measures, they would continue to remain closed,” the minister said.

“Security is the most urgent need of the hour. We can’t close our eyes to the security situation to risk the lives of kids,” he added.

Confusion still persists that only major institutions would be asked to take security measures and get NoC from the district administration and the minor ones have been exempted.

Minister for Higher Education Mushtaq Ghani told PNP News that the smaller schools established in the streets having little enrollment and charging modest fee would not be asked to implement the security guidelines.


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