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Notification of Grant of Ph.D and M.Phil allowance to Government Employees

Government of Punjab has issued a notification on 9th November, 2016 in regards of the grant of Ph.D and M.Phil allowance to government employees.

The notification has issued with subject of “Grant of Ph.D and M.Phil Allowance”.

According to the notification the allowance for Ph.D/D.Sc/M/Phil/L.L.M will be admissible to all those government servants, who hold the post where at the time of selection Ph.D/D.Sc/M/Phil/L.L.M was not declared as part of the eligibility criteria or the same has not been determined as requisite qualification as per Service Rules of the post and where the Ph.D/D.Sc/M/Phil/L.L.M qualification has been fixed as the prescribed qualification of a post, such post holders shall not be entitled to the same allowance.

But, the Ph.D/D.Sc/M/Phil/L.L.M degree holders, in which the Ph.D/D.Sc/M/Phil/L.L.M degree was/is not the prescribed qualification for the post, are entitled to the qualification allowance as under;

a: Ph.D/D.Sc degree holder Rs. 10,000/- per month
b: M.Phil/L.L.M degree holders Rs. 5,000/- per month



A copy of the notification has been distributed to different related offices of the Punjab.


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