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Now dustbin will provide free internet in China

Due to increasing trend of using internet by young generation China introduced WIFI dustbins which will provide free internet to people

According to china radio international in the city of province Sichuan named “Chengdu” these WIFI dustbins will be installed at the end of this month. The people can enjoy free internet with these WIFI dustbins.

dustbin with free internet in china

Apart from that two solar panels will also be attached with these dustbins which will charge batteries attached below the bin. The interested thing is that these dustbins will also send message to garbage collectors through GPS system when they will be full. These WIFI dustbins will also be fire and blast proof.

Another feather of this amazing dustbin is that whenever someone comes near to it for throwing garbage it will open automatically. It also has a system which will remove bad air from it and provide fresh and nice smell to visitors.

Native media has already named this dustbin “King Kong”. The Metro Police Daily said that King Kong name of dustbin is exactly match to this because it is constructed from 5mm thick stain less steel plates with 4 layers.


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