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Now super Computer will predict death. See how?

Scientists have prepared such super computer which can tell that when patient’s will die.

You have noticed in everyday life that when any person involved in some fatal disease like cancer, AIDS then on last stages doctors give their prediction that respective patient will die after some period of time. But sometimes doctors prediction became wrong and patient live too long than doctors prediction. Now science has made through in this area and invented a super computer which can tell the exact time of death when a patient is near to die.

This computer is present in Boston state of USA and data of 2.5 million people is saved in it, which was doing treatment in the hospital where it is present. Super computer predict the death of patients by comparing the data with already saved data in it.

super computer will predict death

Doctor Estew Hong who is working on this super computer said that 96% predictions of this computer is becoming true. He said that super computer has predicted for some people that they will die after 30 days and all these were died exactly after 30 days. He further said that this super computer will be breakthrough in medical sciences which will help in predicting damage caused by diseases. This Super computer is initially used for predicting death time for fetal diseases only.


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