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Now USB (Flash) can destroy Computers/Laptops

Russian hackers have prepared a USB/Flash which can destroy computers/laptops within seconds by burning its electric circuits

According to Russian hacker “Dark Purple” who is working in the secret security agency of Russia experimented this USB/Flash in his laptop. He made a video in which he used his own laptop and attach this viral USB in it. Within second his laptop was destroyed.

suicide USB

According to other hackers this USB can destroy electric circuit of laptops/computers by discharging 220 volts current but hard drive is not damaged due to attachment of USB/Flash with computer and he can retrieve data from the hard drive of laptop/computer. According to founder of this USB “it can destroy laptop/computer, smart phones and TV as well. With minute changes in this USB can also destroy hard drive”.

Dark Purple also said that USB is transferring 220 Volts in electronic system which works as bomb blast for electronic devices. It is beneficial for those people who do not want to show data of their computer to someone during critical situation. Through this USB they can kill their computer, laptop and smart phone in suicide USB attack.


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