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Online PTI Imran Khan Speech Live Jalsa From Islamabad on 9th May 2013

Imran Khan chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf is going to organise a jalsa in Islamabad (Islamabad is beauty of pakistan and it is a planed city in Pakistan. It is very beautiful city so thats why visitors visits from all over the Pakistan and from other countries of the world also.) on 9th May 2013. It will be last and grand jalsa of election campaign by PTI Chairman Imran Khan (IK). Jalsa will broadcast online on all major Pakistani news TV channels. It is expected that there will be a great and huge PTI supporters gathering of PTI supporters. In a general survey it is concluded that PTI has got much popularity among youth in Pakistan. It is a hope for better future of Pakistan. No one knows what will happen on 11th May 2013 but PTI has got strong support by public of Pakistan.

imran khan-Jalsa-

People of Pakistan just and only wants great leader which makes this country a leading country and put it into the list of developed countries. Speaker of the jalsa will be Imran Khan.

Current status: Venue Preparation. (Time: It will Start at 04:00 PM)
Date: 9th May 2013

Watch Live PTI Jalsa from Islamabad Punjab

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