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Pak Army Chief Confirms Death Sentences of Ten Terrorists

Rawalpindi (22nd November, 2016): The Chief of Army Staff of Pakistan Army has confirmed death sentences awarded to ten terrorists. The Pakistan Army is taking serious steps to ensure the curb these terrorists from all parts of the country.


These terrorists were involved in heinous offences related to terrorism, including killing of innocent civilians, slaughtering of Captain Jonaid Khan, Captain Najam Riaz Raja, Naik Shahid Rasool and Lance Naik Shakeel Ahmed of SSG.

Moreover, these terrorists have been awarded with death sentence as they were found involved in destruction of educational institutions and communication infrastructure. Fire-arms and explosives were also recovered from their possession. These convicts were tried by military courts.

The names of these terrorists are as under:

  1. Hanifa S/O Umar Zareen.
  2. Tirah Gul S/O Khan
  3. Muhammad Wali S/O Faulad Khan.
  4. Khaista Muhammad S/O Abdul Jalil
  5. Ali Rehman S/O Habib-Ur-Rehman
  6. Fazal Ali S/O Fazal Wahid
  7. Muhammad Ali S/O Abdul Rehman
  8. Nisar Ali S/O Damsaz Khan
  9. Khial Jan S/O Sayel Jan
  10. Payo Jan S/O Asal Jan

The Army Chief is the competent authority in finalizing the order.


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