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Pakistani Student Anam Safdar Ambassador to the United Nations

Anam Safdar a student from the University of Agriculture, Faisalabad, who has been appointed as Global Youth ambassador of United Nations, she will work for woman education and to authorize them.

According to a news Anam Safdar is an another student from the Agriculture University Faisalabad who has been appointed as Global Youth Ambassador of UNO for the education and empowerment of women.

Anum Safdar from UAF

Anam Safadr is an M.Sc.(Hons.) student at University of Agriculture Faisalabad. She is from Agriculture faculty majoring with Plant Breeding and Genetics.

She is president of debating club at UAF, said by Senior Tutor. Education rate is increasing day by day said by Anam Safdar. She is determine to work for women education and empowerment.

The Agricultural University of Faisalabad’s student Rabia Faridi recently has delivered her words about women in the United Nations General Assembly on the occasion of the 69th Annual Meeting of Youth Award.

“Congratulations ‪#‎AnamSafdar‬ on being appointed as ‪#‎UNO‬‪#‎GlobalYouthAmbassador‬,,,, You are Pride of ‪#‎AgricultureFaculty‬, Pride of ‪#‎PBG ‬department, Pride of ‪#‎UAF‬, Pride of ‪#‎Faisalabad‬ and Pride of ‪#‎Pakistan‬. May you succeed at every step of your life. Allah Bless you. Ameen”

From: Shakeel Ahmad


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