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Persons selling cattles with artificial teeth arrested in Karachi

Karachi: (September 17, 2015) In Karachi police arrested a group of 10 people from Super highway cattle market who were selling cattles with artificial teeth

As the religious festival of Muslims “Eid Ul Azha is near and the selling of cattles for sacrifice on Eid is increased. A huge number of people are visiting cattle markets all over the Pakistan in order to buy cattles according to their desire so that they can fulfill the Sunnah of sacrifice on Eid Ul Azha.

For sacrifice of cattle on Eid Ul Azha, it is necessary that cows and buffaloes should be 2 year old, goat 1 year old and camel should be 5 year old. But some people are doing humiliating acts on this sacred event and try to sell their cattles by placing artificial teeth so that they could look old. Fake currency notes are also taken into custody.

buyers of bakra eid animals

Administration of Cattle market said that we are keeping eye on such persons and trying to cope with such kinds of events. Administration also advised to the buyers that they should confirm the age of cattle before purchase and if they experience any doubt inform us.


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