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PFA Issues List of Unhealthy Oil Brands

The PFA Punjab has issued the list of unhealthy oil brands. These oils are not fit for human consumption due to artificial flavours, bad smell, high levels of cholesterol, and saponification issues which existed in the collected oil samples.

Update: The updated results of oil and ghee samples have been issued on 28th May, 2017. Th  list can be seen here.



Noor ul Amin Mengal, who is leading the Punjab Food Authority, ordered to investigate the major oil brands selling in Punjab. The results have brought astonishing facts that popular brands are also among the bad ones.

The list of the unhealthy oil brands (less Vit. A and sapnofication) are:

  1. Shah Cooking Oil
  2. Shah Banaspati
  3. Smart Canola Cooking Oil
  4. Ghani Cooking Oil
  5. Shahtaj Cooking Oil
  6. Soya Supreme Cooking Oil
  7. Kashmir Canola Oil
  8. Coco Banaspat
  9. Sufi Sunflower Cooking Oil

The follwoing brands are not fit for human sue due to high cholesteol, presence of chemicals and bad smell:

  1. Soya Supreme Banaspati
  2. Olive Premium Canola Oil
  3. Momin Cooking Oil
  4. Mayaar Banaspati
  5. Momin Banaspati
  6. Salva Spanish Olive Oil
  7. Seasons Banaspati
  8. Sundrop Cooking Oil
  9. Tullo Cooking Oil
  10. Tallo Banaspati
  11. Maan Banaspati
  12. Naaz Banaspati
  13. Kisan Vegetabe Ghee
  14. Malta Banaspati

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