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Post-Event Report and Images Shoots of Borneo YLC 2016, Malaysia

Malaysia: Third Borneo Youth Leadership Conference (BYLC) 2016 held at Curtin University Sarawak, Malaysia. It was really organised by different companies and institutions especially Curtin Sarawak that aims to be a regional leader in education and research through better-designed approaches that work for students.


Kingsley Francis Charles, chief operating officer (COO), said that it was one of the good efforts done by the Curtin Sarawak to Curtin’s transform-learning initiative.

“The purpose of this conference was actually to enhance the focus of students on leadership and fine-tuning learning experiences, to improve the leaderships and communication skills and expertise of the graduates of Malaysia and other countries,” he said when inaugurating the conferences on 29th September, 2016.


Different students have participated from all over the world in BYLC 2016. From Pakistan more than three students were selected but only two could join the conference. Their association was with the University of Health Sciences, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan.


When we talked with Mr. Adeel Ahmad, student from University of Health Science, Pakistan, he said that from the very first day of the conference to the end they treated us gently. “We received a huge love from all the participants of the conference especially from the organisers, he said”.

“We learned and enjoyed a lot during our stay at Miri, he added.”


The participants of conference have enjoyed different sessions of the BYLC like as Ice-Breaking session, The I AM Revolution, Shaken Not Stirred, Selling Cupcakes, Creating Your Own Website, Secrets to Influence Anyone and Everyone and World Cafe. In the end of every session the winners were awarded with prizes to encourage the participants.


The delegates were resided at Paragon Lutong Hotel and they were picked up by officials from there every morning for the conference.

On the last day of the conference the delegates were sent to EastWood Valley Resort where they made the memories and have a great fun.


Indeed, such conferences are a most commendable initiative to engage and motivate the young people to develop leadership and entrepreneurship skills as well as foster international friendship and understanding.

We have few post-event glimpses of the participants that we are sharing with you here below.

We are really grateful to the organisers of the conference specially FLYINGVEVENT and Curtin University for selecting the students from Pakistan. We hope, you must have a good experience with the guys from a peace loving country Pakistan.


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