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Power Breakdown: attack on Uch-Sibi Quetta Power Supply Line

Secretary Water and Power says Jonah 650 megawatt power supply, any decision would be in the public interest.

650 MW Electricity Affected due to Terrorism

During a press conference in Islamabad, Secretary Water and Power said last night terrorists Nasirabad Uch-Sibi transmission line power supply has been affected across the country to restore the power supply immediately work has started on the morning till half past 8 o’clock we had restored the system then the system has returned to 7 thousand 200 megawatts.

We are building new power plants, but we have not invested in transmission lines. Provincial governments have the responsibility to provide transmission lines protecting the nation against terrorists operating in a situation where we have to face any possible situation.

Jonah  further agree that this error Ministry of Water and Power for the next 6 days oil for electricity production outages across the country Monday schedule has been released under the Urban Areas 6 and 8 hours in rural areas will load.

Secretary Water and Power said 650 MW power supply contract with the agreement has expired today, any decision in this regard would be in the public interest.


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