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PPP “Salam Shuhda Rally”: Qamar Zaman Qaira’s dance

“If these demands are not met, I will announce long march against the government on December 27 in Garkhi Khuda Bakhsh,” Bilawal said.

“Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is taking Pakistan towards devastation. I have changed Sindh and will bring a change to Punjab as well with the help of masses,” Bilawal said.

Public Comment on Video

“You give sacrifices not for the common man but to increase your wealth, to purchase castles in england, to reach NROs, and to become Mr 10%, you being educated must be ashamed to support those who have plundered this country”, said by Abdullah Khan.

“Bravo! That’s how you should celebrate the killings of your supporters”, Said by Umair Akram.

“Is it really for ESAL-E-SWAB OF SHUHADAAA?????”, asked by Aaroush Awan.

“Salam e Shuda or Salam e Ishq?”, asked by Farrukh Ali.


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