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PTI 30th November’s Jalsa will be at D-Chowk; Shah Mahmood

We always did a peaceful strike and now the strike environment, what will be happened on 30th November? is totally depends upon the behavior and action of Government. If government took any action against our strike then reaction can also be stronger than any action, said by Shah Mahmood Qureshi, Vice Chairman, Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf, Pakistan.

We will make a peaceful strike on 30th November, 2014, said by Shah Mahmood Qureshi in a press conference.

He also added that Imran Khan is showing the other face of picture to foreigners. He also said that Government wants to give us another place for sit-in but we will never leave D-Chowk. Jalsa will be took place at D-Chowk in any condition, where we have sit-in.

He also said that Imran Khan will announce the next plan for next moment. Government should kept in mind that On 30th November there will not be a Sit-In but a peaceful Jalsa.

If government try to stop our workers or jalsa then government will show our non-political behavior and government will be responsible of all of this.

30 november jalsa


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