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PTI Imran Khan refuses Meera’s marriage proposal

ISLAMABAD: Marriage proposal has been rejected by Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf’s (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan that was made by Pakistani film actress Meera.

Pakistan leading news group PNP NEWS service Online has reported that Imran Khan has termed Meera’s proposal just “an interesting joke.”

It has also been reported that the PTI head/chairman has refused the proposal due to his political engagements. Imran Khan said that he is busy to make Naya Pakistan now-a-days so he cannot reply to Meera for her proposal. He will think about his marriage after Naya pakistan.Imran Khan also said that his first periorty is to make Naya pakistan for the people of Pakistan where they will livve free and they will get their rights.

“Can’t consider the proposal as I’m busy in the struggle for Naya Pakistan” imran khan said, while reporting.

PTI Imran Khan refuses Meera’s marriage proposal

Report said that Khan didn’t refused marriage option but he postponed it.

“Imran Khan is a very good looking man,” said Meera, while revealing that she would love to see Imran become the prime minister in ‘Naya Pakistan’.

Earlier Lollywood’s one of the most controversial actresses Meera had said that If he (IK) ever asked me to marry him, I would most definitely accept the offer.

Meera not only proposed him but she also spoke of Imran’s possible wedding attire, suggesting he wear a sherwani by Riaz Ganji.

In a recent speech to his supporters in Islamabad, the PTI chairman Imran khan declared his intention to get married as soon as ‘Naya Pakistan’ comes into being.


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