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PTI Jamboree in Sahiwal

Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf has arranged Public Jamboree in Sahiwal where sitting arrangement of more than 30,000 people is arranged.

Today PTI (Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf will show his power in the Sahiwal where arrangement are done for  huge crowd.PTI is expecting a huge gathering and they placed more than 30,000 thousand seats in the ground.

Imran Khan has started a move with the name “Azadi March” which has gained popularity in a very short time.People chant slogan against corrupt system and also forced present government with slogans “Go Nawaz Go”. PTI has set a huge March in Islamabad for a long time. After that PTI Changes strategy and started to do Jamboree in different cities in order to provoke people against corrupt system and also give hope to the people for a New Pakistan.


The Jamboree will start tonight in which PTI Chairperson Imran Khan delivered a special speech for the Sahiwal residence. Azadi March will going on after this Jalsa in other cities and schedule for fete has been arranged for the Lahore, Faisalabad and Islamabad cities which will be in coming days.


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