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PTI’s Crowdfunding Campaign “Corruption Free Pakistan” Worked

A crowdfunding campaign was launched by Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf for gathering funds for Islamabad Lock Down Plan which is planned on 2nd November, 2016.


The goal of campaign was to collect $25,000 (Rs. 2.5 Million PKR) and by 28th October, it had successful crossed 120% of the amount. Four hundred and sixty seven people have donated $29,955 (Approx Rs. 2.9 Million PKR) in nine days from the launch of campaign. The count is till increasing day by day.

The funds are being collected by PTI USA LLC as organizer of the event to make Pakistan “Corruption Free”. They had clearly mentioned why these funds are necessary to be collected and their utilization as:

“…Today, Pakistan- a highly intelligent country- with a massive asset in its youth population and its expats stands at the brink of descending into chaos. Daily, more people go hungry, more children are suffering from malnutrition, millions of children are growing up on the streets without ever seeing the inside of a school, and millions are deprived of the basics of healthcare and equality in the justice system even. The one leader who stands alone for accountability in our era is Imran Khan….”

The funds will be utilized for mobilization of public for the protest and for facilitation of the workers at the Islamabad Lock Down. The donation can be made directly to PTI.


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