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Rare blue lobster came from the sea

New York: (August 29, 2014) A professional person who caught fishes from the sea recently caught world rare blue lobster from the sea. About which it is said that this type of lobster fish are very rare into the sea this is found only one in 10 or 20 million lobster fishes. The employer of Prawn Fishing Company told to the media that this blue lobster caught from the area of Portland about 10 kilometer away in the morning at 11am.This lobster suddenly caught when my daughter felt that something stuck into the net and when she lifted the net we were surprised to see that she has a blue lobster.


According to experts the blue color of lobster fish mainly cause due to high levels of protein into the body. Company announced that this two pounds lobster will not be cooked. The name of this blue lobster is Skaydler. Company made a house for him where he lived and will meet with other three rare fishes. This house will be open every day at 10am to 5am for tourists.


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