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Recruitment against 18470 posts of Educators in Punjab 2014-15

The Competent Authority has approved the recruitment of Educators against all the left over posts which remained unfilled due to non availability of candidates during the recent recruitment under the Recruitment Policy-2013 dated 31.07.2013.

Presently, if any next in merit candidate be available against the vacant advertised seats where joining has not taken place, candidate has left after joining or Letter of Agreements of merit candidates are not issued till now due to any reason, the EDO (Edu) will issue Letters of Agreement for such candidates.

In addition to above, the Competent Authority has further approved the recruitment against 18470 posts of Educators (all categories). The district-wise break up of 18470 posts of Educators is at Annex-A. Further, the posts of Educators remained unfilled against the allocated posts under Recruitment Policy -2013 will also be advertised under Recruitment Policy -2014.

Punjab Government and Punjab School Education Department approves the recruitment against the 18470 vacant posts in Punjab Schools. Recruitment will be made in all categories of the posts.

District wise allocation of the posts has been announced. New Recruitment Policy 2014 has been announced with necessary amendments.

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