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Rehman Malik & PML-N MNA Kicked Out from PIA Flight video

Rehman Malik Kicked Out of Flight for Delaying it for 2 hours. Having to wait for nearly two hours for a Karachi to Islamabad domestic flight to take off, the furious passengers forced former Interior Minister Rehman Malik and Pakistan Muslim League-N (PML-N)’s Dr Ramesh Kumar out of the plane for causing delay, PNP News reported. Pakistan International Airline (PIA)’s flight PK-370 have to take off from Karachi to Islamabad at 7:00 pm on Monday but it was late 2 hours in the wait of ex-interior minister Rehman Malik.

Rehman Malik & PML-N MNA Kicked Out from PIA Flight video-1

However, the flight was delayed for two hours having to wait for senators Rehman Malik and Ramesh Kumar. Annoyed at the delay, the enraged passengers rushed towards the gate as Ramesh Kumar approached the flight. Yelling and abusing the senator, the passengers bombarded him with several questions asking why he has made them wait for so long. As the video clip shows that the angry passengers forced Ramesh Kumar off the plane in spite of his resistance.

The passengers can be heard shouting “go back” slogans as he leaves. A few minutes after PML-N senator Ramesh Kumar was ejected from the plane, Rehman Malik boarded the aircraft only to be affronted by the already fierce passengers.

Gathered near the gate, the passengers screamed at Rehman Malik: “You should apologize to these passengers. You should be ashamed of yourself. 250 passengers have been troubled because of you. You should go back.”

Making his way back from the jetway, Rehman Malik repulsed at the passengers while they shouted at him saying “Sir, you are no more a minister. And even if you are we don’t care.”

The video clip was shared on a video-sharing site Dailymotion early morning on Tuesday and had been flooding the social media websites.


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