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Requisition Letter for Recruitment of Lecturers, APs, Associates and Professors to PPSC

Lahore: The Chief Minister of Punjab has approved the summary for the recruitment of Lecturers, Assistant Professors, Associate Professors and Professors against the 3271 vacant posts including all quotas of different cadres.

A requisition letter, duly signed by the Secretary Higher Education Department Punjab, has been sent to the Punjab Public Service Commission (PPSC), Lahore, directing to take necessary steps for the said recruitment.

All the recruitment will be made on regular basis and the preliminary details circulating on social media show the following information.

  1. Requisition for 1078 posts of Lecturers (Female)
  2. Requisition for 478 posts of Assistant Professors (Female)
  3. Requisition for 201 posts of Associate Professors (Female)
  4. Requisition for 31 posts of Professors (Female)
  5. Requisition for 820 posts of Lecturers (Male)
  6. Requisition for 424 posts of Assistant Professors (Male)
  7. Requisition for 197 posts of Associate Professors (Male)
  8. Requisition for 42 posts of Professors (Male)

Note that the policy for the award of five (5) marks to CTIs has been revised to remove the discrimination among other eligible candidates therefore, these marks shall not be awarded to any candidate.

The said advertisement is expected to be published in July, 2017 where the details of all posts and syllabus will be given.


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