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Road constructed on alive person in India

Bhopal: (September 24, 2015) In India officials constructed road on alive person who have lost his consciousness and felt into a hole where road construction work was going on. Drug addicted person lost his life when he was put out from the hole.

This incidence is took place in Indian state Madiha Pardesh district Katni where 45 year old man was going to home during night. He was drug addicted person and due to loss of consciousness he fell into a hole where construction of roads was going on.

Next day labors on the duty ignored that somebody is present in the hole and filled the hole with construction material. Construction Company also used heavy machinery on this place which was cause of death of drug addicted person who fell in the hole.

Native people pointed out the dead body of affected person when they observed that hand and shirt came out from the road. They informed police and police pull out the dead person from the road. After the incidence people recorded protest against the construction company and also closed the construction work in the village.

india made road on alive person

Madhia Pardesh government announced 50 thousand rupees for the drunken man family and also said that punishment will be given to persons who are involved in case. Police has taken into custody of dumper driver and a labor for initial investigation.


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