Prize Bonds of Rs. 750 result has been announced on 15th October, 2015 after the draw held in Hyderabad. Draw result has been uploaded soon after balloting. Rs. 750 draw was held in Hyderabad on 15th of this month October 2015.

National Savings State Bank of Pakistan is working since the independence of Pakistan. The central Bank of Pakistan is also well known as SBP. SBP is working for the welfare of people of Pakistan and National Saving is a department of central bank.

National Savings

Prize bonds issued by State Bank of Pakistan in each fiscal year and people get benefits from these section of SBP. All about the Prize bonds, national savings department deals about that.

Variety of bonds are present. Different people in Pakistan have directly or indirectly concern about prize bonds. prize bonds can get from banks and other than banks because many shops has been opened now which deals with prize bonds and Currency exchange. Currency exchanger deals with it. Prize bonds ranges from 100 to 50000 rupees. People buy bonds and check their luck and earn many more.

Prize bond draws held on 1st and 15th of each month in different cities of Pakistan. Prize bonds draw schedule has been announced for year 2015 and now its about to end now.

Draw No.: 64th
Date : 15/10/2015


First Prize of Rs.1,500,000/-


Second Prize of Rs.500,000/- Each 3 Prizes

027902 – 550367 – 838001

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Prize Bond Draw Result Rs. 750 held on 15th October 2015

Note: Result of Rs.750 has been uploaded. Keep visiting for further updates.

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