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Sandy Hook Elementary School is reopening in August 2016

It is reported that Sandy Hook Elementary School is just reopening this Fall 2016 – almost 4 years after the mass shooting.

School has installed bulletproof windows and security has been improved in all the ways. 20 students and 6 teachers were killed in a campus shooting in 2012. It should be kept in mind that the school was demolished in 2013.



The $50 million project has new safty features including keycard access for entering and exiting the campus. About 35 students who were in kindergarten during the shooting will return as 4th graders.

“The fact thatthe horrible thing happened heredoes not erase the wonderful things that have also happened here, in our 300-year-old history of our community, said by Patricia Llodra, Newton First Selectman”.

The campus has been designed to be nature-themed to reduce anxiety and fear about 400 students will go to the new school in August 2016.

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