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Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt and UAE cut diplomatic ties to Qatar

Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt and UAE have decided to isolate the Qatar and these countries have cut off the diplomatic ties with Qatar and closed their seaports and airspaces to Qatar ships and planes.

It can be a worse decision by four gulf countries to isolate the Qatar. In this diplomatic cut off the Qatar airline will face the more adverse consequence of this decision. Qatar’s state airline is set to become the biggest and top airline of the gulf countries after Emirates. So, it can also be the biggest loser from the diplomatic breakdown in the Persian Gulf. In accordance and parallel to Qatar airline, competitors airlines of Dubai and Abu Dhabi will also set to suffer.

Qatar diplomatic crisis: How it affects air travel?

It is reported by bloomberg news channel that there are about 76 daily flights that are likely to be grounded and of which 52 flights are operated by Qatar Airways while rest of the flights are linked with Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt and UAE.

There are more flights, some set to 14, to Dubai on daily basis from Qatar with Qatar Airways which have been shut after the ties.

Qatar is no more allowed to use the airspaces of the four countries who have broken down the diplomatic relations with Qatar. This will ultimately affect the airline again. Qatari jets must have to follow any other routes for there other flights to other countries and it will definitely cost more. Significant diversions are expected after this breakdown.

Mark Martin, head of Dubai-based Martin Consulting has said that Diverting around closed airspace means higher fuel costs and longer flight times. “Destinations in Africa and across the Indian Ocean may no longer be sustainable as part of the Qatar Airways network.”

On the other hand Qatar is still silence on the suspension of Saudi Airline service from Qatar.

  • Emirates and Etihad Airways are set to cease their operations from tomorrow, 6th June, 2017.
  • Fly Dubai and Gulf Air are also stopping their services soon, may be from tomorrow.
  • No flight to Qatar by Saudi, Egypt and Gulf airlines.

According to the statement by Saudi Press Agency the foreign airlines may also have to seek permission for overflights to Qatar.

Qatar airways has uploaded a message on its official website that can be read from the yellow highlighted area in the picture given below.


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