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See remarks of Hilary Clinton about Pakistanis

Los Angles: (September 29, 2015) American Ex. Foreign minister “Hilary Clinton” said that Pakistanis are talented people; they are successful when goes to America or other countries.

now a day’s campaign for USA president is going on in America and American ex. Foreign minister Hilary Clinton are doing campaign to become American president. While expressing her thoughts about Pakistanis in a ceremony conducted by Pakistani resident “Dr. Asif Mehmood” that Pakistanis are talented people, when they go outside from the country like in America or other, they became successful and their abilities are polished. She said that due to lack of good political system and bad economy of Pakistan people are worried and could not express their abilities in Pakistan while when these Pakistani go abroad their abilities are explored. She said that I will make America “A welcome Country” for all nations, if you chose me as a next president of USA.

remarks of helry clinton fro Pakistanis

She also replied for criticism from the opposite party and said that people should answer this criticism with their vote. Remember that Hilary Clinton is candidate for American president from Democratic Party in coming American president elections 2015-16.


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