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Selena Gomez prays for victim Palestinians

New York: (July 21, 2014) Famous American. Pop star Selena Gomez prays for victim Palestinians. She expressed her feelings for Gaza people. She said that pray for affected Palestinian children and their family.  She also said that, we remember in our minds every time. The cost of life is very important. We sent on the earth for helping other people. In her address she requested to the people to pray for Gaza.


In her another picture she revealed that she is not part of any party she only prays for peace in Gaza. In a website Selena Gomes published a picture message in 19 July in which she pray for Gaza people and also request for others to pray for Gaza.


0.5 million people like her picture message but some people dislike her message they said that she gave message to pray for Gaza it is against the people who likes Jewish.


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